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Hello friends and supporters!

Lots has happened in our personal and projection-themed lives since our last newsletter.

Firstly, in February, we had a special visitor safely arrive on this earth: our son George was born. It’s been a beautiful time so far with him.

In May, he took him on his first road trip. We travelled to the Okanagan to continue work on our documentary ‘Out of the Interior’. Not only has George already made his first Hitchcock-esque cameo, but he was behind the camera the whole time (he was carried in a baby harness as we directed a small group of extras in Vernon at the Towne Cinema).

On the same trip we also visited the town of Oliver and profiled David and Christine Leismeister, owners and operators of the Oliver Theatre since the mid-70s. Their cinema will indeed be featured in ‘Out of the Interior’, but we also have plans to make a stand-alone photo-film featurette based on the Oliver and its owners. This featurette, featuring music by local guitarist Trevor Allen, just may very well have its premiere at the Oliver Theatre in September of this year.

We are grateful for the red carpet that the town rolled out for us. Not only did David and Christine adjust their holiday schedule and give us access to their theatre all day, but they connected us to musician Trevor (who recorded his original guitar pieces for the soundtrack in the theatre’s wonderfully atmospheric auditorium) and the local Tourism Association representative, Rhoda Brookes. Rhoda was enthusiastic about our project and went so far as to arrange complimentary accommodation for us during our stay: we enjoyed a couple of nights in a luxurious (two bedrooms!) motor home courtesy of Sven’s RV rentals and Centennial RV Park.

We’re also thankful for the quality of care and service received at the Oliver Archives. Julianna Weisgarber provided us with plenty of historical images of the town in general and the theatre specifically.

Earlier this year, we interviewed two former Oliverians now based on the coast: writer George Bowering and his childhood friend Will Trump. These two irrepressible pals told us many stories of attending – and occasionally getting kicked out of – the Oliver Theatre in the late 1940s and 1950s. They insisted on compensation for their time, however: coffee and homemade cookies. The Projection Project was happy to provide both.

George & Will have provided us with a great framing device for Out of the Interior, and David Cunningham continues to create cool music for the movie’s soundtrack. We’re planning one more trip to the Okanagan and the Kootenays in the autumn to wrap up filming. We’re looking at a 2017 release for this full-length documentary. Stand by for more updates!

We’ve also got another great cinematic photography exhibition coming up here in Vancouver!

The Gallery At The Cultch presents: Works from Silmara Albi, Carol McQuaid, and Faber Neifer

The opening reception with the artists in attendance will be on June 1, from 6-8pm. Everybody is welcome!

The entire exhibition runs from May 31 to June 25, and we hope to see you there.

The Cultch – 1895 Venables Street – Vancouver, BC

We hope summer brings all of you nothing but success in your own projects and sunny enjoyment of your own lives, and we hope to see you soon.

Silmara & Curtis
The Projection Project

About The Author

Silmara Emde is a photographer and graphic designer, and Curtis Emde is a writer and teacher. They are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and together they form the Projection Project - a multi-media venture that documents the changing nature of movie-going as the 35mm film era ends and the digital era begins.