Celluloid projected onto a white screen has been a key element of the movie entertainment industry for over a hundred years. In recent times, however, many cinemas across Canada have begun replacing their traditional 35 mm film projectors with digital counterparts. We became intrigued by how quickly such an old, reliable form of technology was being replaced. And since the majority of cinema-goers won’t even notice the difference, we wondered if these old machines would eventually be forgotten.

This project both explores and documents. We felt that through photography we could gain access to the somewhat mysterious projection room itself: the camera would open the doors of this world, and thus let the public explore parts of the cinema traditionally off-limits to them.

With this work, we could bring to the audience the traditional entertainment medium (with its 35 mm projectors, film reels, canisters, splicers and other equipment) before it is all removed and thrown away forever. Whether the replacement of the traditional with the new is regrettable or represents progress is left to the viewer to decide.

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Silmara Albi & Curtis Emde